Learn how music works – the easy way

Strings and DotsHow does music work? Check out StringsandDots, a site developed by Andy Evans, and start to discover. If you’re a guitarist or teacher who wants to know more about music theory – without having to relate everything to the piano keyboard –  this is the site for you.

The site’s designed to help guitar students (and teachers) by:

  • using the layout of the guitar as much as possible to show how notes relate to each other
  • relating learning to the pieces in the ABRSM and Trinity College guitar exam syllabuses, so that an understanding of music and an ability to play it go keep firmly in step

Even if you don’t plan to do grade exams you’ll find this learning really useful. But if you are planning to do them, it’s vital; and to help you the site is organised by grade.

Head on over to stringsanddots.com and check it out!

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