Nowhere To Hide is a band on a mission: to move you and make you move; to get under your skin and into your heart.

Melodic, driving, sophisticated songs and captivating performances are their hallmarks. They’ve been bringing their infectious, jazz-tinged progressive folk-rock earworms to audiences in the South-east of the UK since 2017.

Andy Evans (vocals, guitars, keys), Ian Reilly (bass) and Roger Nunn (drums, percussion) are regularly joined by the very wonderful Anna Howie on backing vocals (www.annahowiemusic.co.uk). They are all obsessed with creating and performing music. Check out their gigs: always the same – tight, professional – always different – spontaneous, dynamic!

They earned their stripes playing in other bands at clubs and festivals across the UK and Europe before fate brought them together – by spooky chance all living in the same town and playing the same local circuit. Their sets are based primarily around Andy’s songwriting, pulling influences from rock, pop, jazz, folk and classical music. Fans find traces of Aztec Camera, Ron Sexsmith, Steely Dan and Spyro Gyra in their sound and their lyrics.

Nowhere To Hide have played more gigs than they can remember – though that may be influenced by the effects of age and alcohol. They have been invited back for shows at festivals, songwriter showcases and venues across the region. Audiences love the range and depth of the band’s performances and the energy and emotional range of their sets.